David Wright versus Evan Longoria

by mrCane

Only one week into the season I would like to raise a point that we may be looking at a changing of the guard in the 3rd base position.  Not that it would be dramatic, but it would definately benefit owners who took Longoria about 15-20 picks later than Wright.

What they both offer in real life is great defense, good character, young, athletic and talented.  In the world of fantasy we have two guys with very similar numbers.  Power – I would give the nod to Longoria.  With 27 bombs in 4 months last year he displayed what he is capable of on the Major League level.   Speed – This goes to Wright who should steal 5-10 more bases annually than Longoria.  Average – This goes to Wright, only because Longoria has yet to bat .300 in the Majors, but I do feel this gap will close rapidly.  RBI and RS – I would have to call a draw because they both hit on good teams in similar spots of the lineup. 

Ultimately the decision comes down to HR and SB, who offers more.  My intuition tells me that by year ends their numbers will look something like this

Longoria  .292  36hr 104rs  117rbi  9sb  Wright .307  27hr  108rs 113rbi  17sb  With numbers like these the slight bump goes toward David Wright and his +8sb.  If that gap were to close to say 5sb then my edge goes toward Longoria.

For what its worth, right now I would trade Longoria to acquire David Wright straight up.  My reason being that Wright has better numbers left and Longoria will not continue at a pace of 145hr.  No matter who you choose, you won’t be wrong.

In other news….

  • Elijah Dukes now has a starting position in Washington.  His combination of speed and power makes him an intriguing pick up in roto formats.  With the addition of Dukes comes the subtraction of Lastings Milledge who was sent to the minors.
  • Ryan Franklin closed the game last night and its likely he is going to get some opportunities in St. Louis.  If your looking for saves, he could be a nice pick up.
  • Jon Lester took another beating last night at the hands of Oakland.  Pitchers usually take longer to shake the cobwebs than batters do.  If you can you might want to bench him next start until he rights the ship; but you always run the risk of missing a gem.
  • Some other pitchers who had rough outings are Randy Johnson and Chien-Ming Wang.  In fact neither has thrown well since the season started.  It’s not time to throw the towel in, but monitor progress.  It should be noted that Wang is down 6mph on his power sinker.
  • I recently added Dexter Fowler in a 15 team no bench roto league, and I’m excited about that pick up.  First, I don’t see Seth Smith holding Fowler off for playing time.  Second, Fowler has batted leadoff for the Rockies, can run and has a little pop.
  • Josh Johnson is rewarding owners who drafted him as a 3rd starter with ace numbers.  I for one feel that Johnson will be excellent all year and if someone wants to sell high, this is a guy you can buy because his stats wont sink.
  • Mark Teixeira missed another game and could be in danger of landing on the DL.  Wrists are tricky business, just ask Derrek Lee, Nomar Garciapara and Big Papi all good hitters who suffered a major wrist injury.  Right now Tex doesn’t have a major injury and a DL stint may help to keep it that way.


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4 responses to “David Wright versus Evan Longoria

  1. tallkid1

    I think Wright is still the premier guy here, only because he has the track record of a full season – plus he has the SB’s which give him the edge. Obviously Longoria is a huge talent and could even surpass Wright but right now you’re in good shape if you have either of them especially with ARod hurt and the rest of the field at 3B pretty weak.

  2. nichols33

    You might find this surprising :), but I like Wright as well. But I think the combination of the new Citi-Field and Wright’s dedication to improve with runners in scoring position with base hits rather than dingers, this is going to hold Wright under 30 HRs this year. I think mrcane’s projections are spot on.
    That all being said, this may be the last year where I would trade Longoria straight up for Wright. Come this time next year, even myself, a huge Mets fan might prefer Longoria over Wright.

    I can’t believe the Nationals sent Milledge down after 1 week!?! I got to believe there is more to this story other than a guy struggling at the plate. There has to be some sort of clubhouse issue going on.

  3. tallkid1

    Milledge and Dukes in the same locker room is probably interesting. As far as Milledge going down, well they have what, 6 potential starting OF’s? With Dunn, Dukes, Milledge, Willinhgam and Kearns there is little room for playing time (especially with no DH). I’m not sure what that team is doing, stockpiling outfielders with virtually no pitching. It also hurts the value of some of those OF’s who would be much better served on other teams.

    • mrcane

      It could be a way for them to audition Kearns in to hoping someone trades for a 5th outfielder. I don’t understand the reasoning though. Forget Nick Johnson, he should come off the bench, he has proven to be fragile. Dunn moves to first, with Willingham, Milledge and Dukes, this allows Kearns to be the 4th outfielder, Dunn the 5th. Let the kids play! You can’t use the it hurts our defense arguement because the team is awful either way. If Willingham plays someone will trade for him at the deadline. He would be a great DH/OF/emergency catcher right handed power hitter off the bench.

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