Observations (4/5)

By nichols33

Brett Myers was throwing batting practice tonight. John Miller wouldn’t stop talking about how Myers doesn’t throw his fastball enough, but in this case, he is right. Myers throws change-up after change-up mixing in some sliders and hardly throws  the fastball. And when he did tonight….it ended up in the 5th row. Myers battled back to give the Phils some innings but he looked more like the 2008 1st half Brett Myers rather than the 2nd half Myers. A disappointing first start to say the least. The Phils staff could be in big trouble if Myers continues to struggle. Hamels has already had some elbow issues, Blanton an average starting pitcher at best, Moyer is like 50 years old coming off a season of a near 5 ERA and Chan Ho Park (yes, remember him) is the 5th guy. Yikes.

Chipper Jones can hit. That statement shouldn’t surprise anybody, but it needs to be said. When watching a healthy Chipper you wonder how a pitcher can get him out.

The Braves are going to have trouble scoring runs this year. Their line-up is just not that good. When Chipper goes down, they only have one premium bat in that line-up with McCann. All others are average to below average.

So much for Charlie Manuel wanting to break up his lefty sluggers. He hit Utley 3, Howard 4 and Ibanez 5. Did he notice the Braves closer Mike Gonzalez is a lefty?

D Lowe was on tonight. I don’t understand how he is still so effective, I mean these guys know what he’s going to do. He’s going to keep the ball down in the zone and when he gets you in a pitchers count he is going to throw the slider down and away to righties. Yet it’s just ground ball after ground ball. He was on tonight.

McCann’s home run was a bomb. 2 -0 count and Myers hung a change up that McCann hit into the upper deck in right field.

Mike Gonzalez was hit hard. The Phils had some very good swings on him. He did make Ryan Howard look silly. 200 strikeouts anybody? Howard is off to a good pace at reaching that milestone.

A lot of activity on the waiver wire in all leagues today. Seems like every fantasy owner on the planet was looking at their teams today and making changes.



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2 responses to “Observations (4/5)

  1. mrcane

    Lowe was amazing. His ball has so much movement, whether its the slider or sinker. He can jam guys or run it away when he is on.

    I don’t understand the 3 lefties in a row either. You have a decent power option in Werth to break up the lefties. Put Victorino in the #2 spot and Werth behind Howard…

    I think part of Myers rough outing could be chaulked up to nerves. His curve got a lot better the last couple innings he pitched. His pitch selection was odd though. Trying to change speeds without actually changing a speed, if that makes any sense.

  2. I don’t think Charlie had the confidence in Victorino to put him in the #2 spot tonight. He didn’t get nearly enough at-bats in that fraud WBC, so he’ll have to work his way back to the top of the lineup.

    OK, McCann and Jones can hit and Lowe is a great pitcher. News flash.

    Based on tonight, I’d say it’s all over for the Phils. They’re hopeless and probably shouldn’t bother playing the rest of the season.

    Fortunately, there are 161 games left.

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