Wieters being sent down…

by mrCane

According to CBSsportsline.com Matt Wieters is being reassigned Sunday to Triple A.  This doesn’t come as a shock to fantasy owners.  People have been drafting Wieters in spite of the fact that the catcher would possible miss the first couple months of the season.

Fantasy Advice:  Depending on the type of league your in, Wieters should be taking as a top 10 fantasy option.  Keeper leagues he is an absolute must.  Leagues with deep benches that would allow you to wait on him he is a great option as well.  He could make an Evan Longoria type impact at the catcher position by the end of the year.



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3 responses to “Wieters being sent down…

  1. He’ll be in Baltimore before the All-Star break.

  2. dave

    I agree and if you have bench spots its worth holding on to him.

    • nichols33

      Everything you read about this kid tells you he is the best offensive catcher since Mike Piazza. If he is even 2/3 of what Piazza was he is worth holding a spot for if you have a bench.

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