Closing Time

By nichols33wild-thing

One last call for alcohol, so finish your whiskey or beer…..

Here is a guide to let you know who is getting the saves across the league. This list will be updated throughout the year as players go down to injury or lose their jobs.

Keep an eye on some of the on-going battles through the spring. Once the season starts you have to be quick on the trigger to pick up a soon-to-be closer.




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4 responses to “Closing Time

  1. tallkid1

    “Barring injury” is a pretty strong phrase for some of those guys. I think Marmol is closing by May.

    • nichols33

      Kerry Wood is in the best shape of his life!!!!!

      If Kevin Gregg is given a shot at closing I can’t wait to see Lou lose it…….Gregg was horrible in Florida last year. Horrible.

  2. mrcane

    The guy I can’t understand has a job is Brian Wilson, my advice, stay away.

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