Utley or Kinsler?

By nichols33

It’s your pick in the draft. You’ve decided to go 2B, and all are still on the board. Who are you taking, Chase Utley of the Phils or Ian Kinsler of the Rangers?

Most rankings I’ve seen have Ian Kinsler as the #1 2B. At first I thought this was due to Utley’s offseason surgery and the lists possibly generated before the news came out that Utley will probably be ready for opening day. But I’m seeing mock draft after mock draft where Kinsler is going off the board first.

2008 Stats:


For me, so long as Chase is healthy and playing, I’ll take him over Kinsler. Kinsler has yet to put up a full season with no injury. Last year he did not play after Aug. 19th and the year before Ian missed all of July. Kinsler has the edge on speed and could possibly steal 30 bags this year, but Utley is good for double digit steals and his power is SICK when healthy.

Chase was on his way to an MVP season last year hitting 25 homeruns before the all-star break. Then he ran into some hip problems that severly reduced his power numbers in the second half because he could not turn on the ball. If Chase shows that he is healthy in some spring games, he should be the first 2B taken and he could go get the MVP award he was working on last season before the hip.

Who are you taking?



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7 responses to “Utley or Kinsler?

  1. tallkid1

    Um, where is Pedroia? Are you telling me he’s not even in the conversation? The American League MVP who’s line was .326 118R 17HR 83RBI 20 SB at age 25(a year younger than Kinsler) should at least be in the conversation no? Not to mention the fact that he’s clearly the healthiest of the three and has a personal goal to play in all 162 games this year. Kinsler has been injured in each of the past three seasons and Utley just had hip surgery (pretty big deal for a 30 year old 2B). Pedroia HAS to be considered with Utley and Kinsler.

    • razzam

      You certainly can’t take anything away from Pedroias first full season. Let’s see how his second year is before we put Pedroia in Utley’s league. I think you saw his best season, which was awesome, last year. I really don’t think he is going to get better especailly as pitchers start to realize they don’t have to throw strikes to this kid.

  2. You can include Pedroia in the discussion if you also want to include his 118R 213H 54 2B 2 3B 17 HR 83 RBI 20 SB.

    I don’t see how those numbers compare to Utley’s. Sure, he was the AL MVP, but let’s get real.

    • mrcane

      I dont see how Utley’s hips compare to Pedroia’s, let’s get real.

      Joking aside a healthy Utley is #1 for me because Kinsler typically misses time. Now with Utley ailing as well, I don’t believe there is a clear #1, we can make an arguement for all of them.

      • tallkid1

        Utley’s numbers are clearly superior in power but his BA is 30 points lower, had fewer runs and SB. Not mention if you’re in a league that punishes for K’s he had a lot more than Pedroia (50+) with the same number of BB. The real question is what will they do in 2009? I don’t see how Kinsler is #1 given his injury history (even though they’re minor injuries, they seem to be frequent). I would go Utley #1 with Pedroia and Kinsler only slightly behind.

      • nichols33

        Pedrioa should most certainly be in the conversation, especially in a league that punishes Ks as you noted. But I’m still taking Kinsler and Utley over him as have nearly every expert in every mock draft. If you want to play it safe with the injury concerns……Pedrioa is the guy.
        According to the ADP of MockDraftCentral.com Ian Kinsler’s ADP is 11.41, Chase Utley’s 16.05 and Pedroia’s 24.90. I think it’s clear that most people feel Pedroia is 3rd in the conversation but my objection was Kinsler going before Utley.

  3. notebookguy

    I’d probably take Kinsler and Pedroia over Utley at this point. If everyone’s healthy I think Utley is the guy but even if he doesn’t start the year on the DL and there has to be lingering effects from his major hip surgery in the offseason. Kinsler does have injury risk but I love his upside, the park he plays in, and the great SB’s numbers to go with his HR potential. Pedroia is the safest bet out of the 3, outside of a .300+ batting average he’s not exceptional in any one category but does give you a good numbers in all cats and has zero injury history.

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