Arod to miss the first month plus.

By notebookguy

Word came down today that Alex Rodriguez will have surgery on his hip to remove a cyst.  The surgery will take place in Colorado on Monday according to  Recovery and rehabilitation from the surgery takes 10 weeks.  This puts Arod’s return around mid-May if there are no set backs and recovery goes as expected.

FANTASY BASEBALL ADVICE:  He is certainly no longer a top 5 pick.   I will play it conservatively and expect Arod back June 1st, so 4 months of games for Arod, assuming no set-backs.  In keeper leagues you have to bite the bullet and still keep him.  He’s the best stat filler in the game when healthy, too valuable to let go because he’ll miss 2 months.  In drafts from scratch I would not make Arod one of my first 2 picks, if he’s still hanging around in the 3rd or 4th round he’s awful intriguing.  4 months of Arod is still as good as alot of guys can put up in 6 months.



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5 responses to “Arod to miss the first month plus.

  1. mrcane

    An injury like this can linger for the entire year. He will most certainly have timing issues when he comes back not to mention all the physical challenges of returning from the injury.

    His 3 year average: 41hr 127 rbi 120 rs

    This stat line is 60 %(the amount of season he’ll play) of the normal Arod.

    24 hr 76 rbi 72 rs 11 sb

    When healthy he has good numbers, but I would like to skew the numbers a little to take into account the type of injury he is returning from. The hips are like the steering wheel, if they go, so does the rest of the machine. Arod will have difficulty upon returning and my project stat line for him this year is about 80% of the normal Arod

    20 hr 63 rbi 61 rs 7sb

    I’m in a league where everyone starts, I would leave Arod for someone else to draft, any setbacks put him into July. We all just assume he’ll come back from a torn labrum but its a choice that may come back to bite you during the season wasting a pick on a player whos not playing. In other leagues with benches you need to weigh what his numbers might be verses the player you can pick in his place.

  2. nichols33

    This is a huge blow to all teams that have either already drafted or planned on keeping Arod.

    ARod should immediately be moved down all 3B lists. But how far?

    Say he does come back after missing 6 weeks. Maybe he’ll get some help via a syringe or pill to make it back and hitting on all cylinders for the May 18th scoring period. In this scenario he would miss about 150 ABs or 23% of the year.

    CBS projected (pre-injury news) for ARod to have a line of .306, 115 R, 40 HR, 132 RBI, 19 SB. Using those projections and taking out the 6 weeks of the season for a best case scenario, ARod’s line would be .306, 89 R, 31 HR, 102 RBI, 15 SB. That right there is still a very good year in a very weak position pool.

    For total year compling leagues, ARod is still probably the 4th 3B after Wright, Ramirez and Longoria. In head-to-head leagues Arod could still be extremely valuable, just be sure secure a quality 3B to use to prevent your team starting 0 and 6.

  3. mrcane

    With more information being presented due to the extent of the injury, Arod should certainly fall in drafts. With Chase Utley taking about 5 months from surgery until opening day one can only assume that the soonest Arod will be on the field is August, and that is not certain. If he decides to play with the injury and one month into the season realizes the pain is too great, there goes your fantasy season.

    In leagues with deep benches I would take Arod no sooner than the 4th round. If more information becomes available indicating a more positive outlook, we can move that up. Any leagues that are not keepers might be hesitant to draft him at all with the information we are reading.

  4. tallkid1

    We’re talking about a torn labrum in the hip and the last I checked the hip is pretty crucial to hitting. Even if he comes back after 6 weeks how healthy will he really be? Assuming he only misses that amount of time he definitely moves down the 3B list behind the big three of Wright, Ramirez and Longoria but I still think he’s ahead of Chipper, Atkins, Zimmerman and Beltre.

  5. razzam

    This is a real tough injury to come back from. I think it takes him until after the all star break to get back in the grove assuming there are no set backs in his rehab. That said, I still think he is worth drafting in the early second round and possibly lat first round in head to head playoff leagues. Assuming the rest of your team keeps you in playoff contention, a rested, healthy A-Rod can carry you through the playoffs.

    I have him on my team and have to decide whether or not to protect him. This is a tough decision and certainly a gamble.

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