Manny signs.

By notebookguy

It’s over, finally.  Manny Ramirez agrees to a 2 years 45 million dollar deal with an opt out clause after the 1st year.  5 mill huh, Manny?  5 mill to sully your name and put a huge blemish on your Hall of  Fame career?  Thought it’d be worth more than that.  For those who don’t know what I’m talking about Manny Ramirez faked injuries, beat up elderly men, and layed down on his team in Boston to force his way to free agency because he didn’t want the Red Sox to pick up the two, 20 million dollar options at the end of his massive 8 year 160 million dollar contract that would’ve brought the total length and worth to 10 years and 200 million dollars.  So instead of honoring his contract and possibly having 1 or both of his options picked up by the team, options that HE and his agent at the time, Jeff Moorad, insisted be put into the deal to bring the total value to 200 mill, he quit on his team and was traded to LA who agreed to not pick up his options.  So 2 years and 45 mill is what Manny gets, he would have got 2 years and 40 mill if he just stayed and played hard in Boston.  Though he gained that 5 million dollars, he did irreparable damage to his reputation and cost himself millions he could’ve made coming back to Boston being a beloved figure endorsing products and doing appearances being a Red Sox legend.  In my opinion quitting on your team is the ultimate sin, a player cannot be trusted after that.

FANTASY BASEBALL ADVICE:  The opt out clause in the deal is a nice carrot for Manny since he can go back on the market for a possible big pay day if he has a big year.  I would wait till the 3rd round to take Manny Ramirez but you will probably have to jump for him in the 2nd round.


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