Good News – Bad News 3/4

By nichols33

gnbnGood News:
Manny Ramirez: Scott Boras and Manny have worked out a deal with the Dodgers. It appears to be for 2 years with an opt-out clause after the first year. FANTASY BASEBALL ADVICE: This is great news for Manny owners in keeper leagues. Manny is a fantasy stud and one of the top OFs on all lists.

Clay Buchholz & Justin Masterson: Brad Penny is having shoulder issues, which should not shock anybody. FANTASY BASEBALL ADVICE: If Penny isn’t ready to go when the season starts, Masterson or Buchholz will most likely be the 5th starter. Each have huge upside if they have a spot in the rotation.

Jeremy Hermida: Herminda is hitting .416 this spring with 3 HRs. FANTASY BASEBALL ADVICE: People have been waiting for this talented OF to bust out and become a fantasy stud. Although his results have not caught up to his talent, he is still only 25 years old. He could be a huge find on draft day.

Robinson Cano: Off to a torid start this spring hitting .556 with 10 total bases in 4 games. FANTASY BASEBALL ADVICE: Cano was a disappointment last year with many expecting him to be a top 3 2B. Fantasy experts are quick to point out that if you removed his slow start in April last year he had a pretty good year. I like Cano this year but I will take Utley, Kinsler, Pedroia, Roberts & Phillips over him.

Joey Votto: The 25 year-old 1B for the Reds is making a statement early in the spring. He’s hitting .538 with 2 HRs thus far through 5 games. FANTASY BASEBALL ADVICE: Most people are not aware of the numbers Votto put up last year. He hit .296, 24 HRs, 84 RBIs and stole 7 bases. At 25, this kid is about to bust out. At the end of this year he will be a top 6 1B, maybe crack the top 5. Don’t be the last to know about this future stud.

Bad News:
Juan Pierre:
With Manny signing on again in LA, Pierre is back to being a 4th OF. FANTASY BASEBALL ADVICE: Manny, Matt Kemp & Andre Ethier will get the bulkload of the playing time leaving Juan Pierre virtually useless in all fantasy leagues. Unless one of the other 3 get injured or the NL installs the DH, do not go near Mr. Moustache.

Alex Rodriguez: Arod WBC stint is in jeopardy with news about a sore hip. Word is that Arod has a cyst in his hip that is causing the stiffness. Joe Girardi said that this problem goes back to last year. FANTASY BASEBALL ADVICE: If Arod had this problem last year it doesn’t look like this cyst will impede his performance too much. I have Wright #1 at 3B, if you have Arod, you may want to make the swap, but I wouldn’t let this news change your thoughts on Arod all that much.

Bobby Crosby: Orlando Cabrera signed a one year deal with Oakland this week moving Crosby into what the A’s are calling a “super utility role.” FANTASY BASEBALL ADVICE: Crosby’s performance in recent years should show you he warrants little to no consideration outside of AL only leagues. With this news, drafting him in AL only leagues would be a mistake.


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One response to “Good News – Bad News 3/4

  1. notebookguy

    Certainly bad news for Brad Penny, an intriguing late round guy if healthy, but great news for the 2 youngsters in Boston. I agree that either would be a great late pick or pick up if they make the rotation. The Red Sox are a good defensive team with a good offense, wins are there to be had.

    I’m done with Jeremy Hermida. He has raked this spring but I just don’t care. Years of being let down and a total loss of SB’s from his early years make him undraftable for me. If he started the year off real hot I may pick him up on the waiver wire but I will let someone else draft him.

    The Cano news is encouraging. He’s usually the definition of a slow starter so to see him hitting lasers in the spring is a great sign. I’m a Cano guy and have him ranked about he same as you I think. I go: Kinsler, Utley, Pedroia, B. Phillips, B. Roberts, Cano at 2B. Obviously still keeping an eye on Utley’s health but early reports are encouraging. Cano is certainly a fairly big step down from the top 5 but a very good option after that, a 5th-7th round guy. Still has room to improve as well, I don’t think we’ve seen his best season yet.

    I love Joey Votto this year, higher on him than most, but it sounds like you’re right there with me. I have him ranked 10th overall at 1B/DH right behind C. Pena, and just ahead of D. Lee. He has upside from there too, we haven’t seen the best out of him yet.

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