Who’s Playing in the WBC?

By tallkid1

The WBC is now scheduled to take place every four years and it’s good to know what notable fantasy players will be taking.  Here’s a quick list:


  • B. McCann
  • C. Iannetta
  • D. Jeter
  • C. Jones
  • D. Pedroia
  • J. Rollins
  • D. Wright
  • K. Youkilis
  • R. Braun
  • A. Dunn
  • C. Granderson
  • S. Victorino
  • T. Lilly
  • R. Oswalt
  • J. Peavy
  • J. Guthrie
  • B. Fuentes
  • J. Broxton
  • (G. Sizemore withdrew)


  • J. Morneau
  • J. Votto
  • J. Bay

Dominican Republic

  • A. Beltre
  • R. Cano
  • H. Ramirez
  • D. Ortiz
  • A. Rodriguez
  • M. Tejada
  • J. Reyes
  • J. Guillen
  • N. Cruz
  • W. Tavares
  • J. Cueto
  • E. Volquez
  • U. Jiminez


  • D. Matzuzaka
  • Ichiro
  • K. Johjima


  • Ol. Perez
  • J. Soria
  • J. Cantu
  • A. Gonzalez

Puerto Rico

  • J. Sanchez
  • J. Vazquez
  • G. Soto
  • M. Aviles
  • F. Lopez
  • C. Beltran
  • A. Rios


  • A. Galarraga
  • F. Hernandez
  • F. Rodriguez
  • R. Hernandez
  • M. Ramirez
  • M. Cabrera
  • C. Guillen
  • J. Lopez
  • M. Mora
  • B. Abreu
  • M. Ordonez


  • C. Lee
  • M. Corpas

FANTASY BASEBALL ADVICE:  Don’t worry too much about the WBC, they only play a 8 games max over a 17 day period so the workload isn’t too much different than spring training – though the competition levels will be much higher.  The biggest concern is with starting pitchers but keep in mind they will be on strict pitch counts through all rounds of the tournament.  If it comes down to a scenario where you’re picking between Jake Peavy, Cole Hamels and Dan Haren then the extra work Peavy will get in the WBC (mixed in with his injury history) might help you lean toward the other guys but it shouldn’t be too much of a factor in your drafting strategy.



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5 responses to “Who’s Playing in the WBC?

  1. nichols33

    Actually playing in the WBC does not worry me all that much. But we’ve already seen the impact the WBC can have on a player with Johan Santana. He’s come out and said that he thinks his recent elbow stiffness was the result of him throwing more bullpen sessions than previous spring trainings in order to get his recently repaired knee ready for the WBC.
    Representing their country is such a big deal to some of these guys, especially the ones from smaller countries that normally don’t have success at the Olympics in other sports. These types of scenarios scare me.
    Just this week you’ve seen Joe Nathan back out of the WBC because he doesn’t think he’s fully healed from the offseason and B.J. Ryan has backed out mostly due to he ineffectiveness because of his poor mechanics. Hopefully these guys are cautious and we see no major injuries during the WBC.

  2. nichols33

    Heath Bell was added to the U.S. roster last night.

  3. tallkid1

    The other thing about the WBC is it gives us a chance to meet up with old friends like Erubial Durazo, Karim Garcia, Ruben Rivera, Bernie Williams and Chris Snelling.

  4. dtb23

    Matt Stairs plays for Canada. How could you forget him? He is a hero in this area for that enormous HR he hit in Game 4 of the NLCS.

  5. notebookguy

    If I were a MLB GM I would be sweating it big time if one of the guys I pay millions of dollars, a big piece to my teams’ championship aspirations, was playing high pressure, intense games in March. Players are used to taking a light jog and playing 4 innings at this time in the spring, to amp it up to a playoff atmosphere and playing aggresive 9 inning games is a recipe for disaster. All it takes is a collision or for a player to land awkwardly on a knee, or just not be stretched out yet and severely pull a hamstring or quad. That’s not even talking about the stress on pitchers arms when they are used to throwing 3 or 4 innings in a Spring Training game at this time. I love the idea of the WBC, I just wish there was a way to do it in November or December, so any unfortunate injuries could at least be compensated for through an offseason acquisition. Having the tournament in March gives a GM limited options to fill in for a serious injury. I’d suggest playing it in tropical climates in the winter.
    As for the fantasy impact, keeper league players have to keep a close eye on this tourney, especially if one of your keepers is playing in it. It’s good to see how the players are looking in an actual competitive game and you’ve got keep an eye out for the injuries that may arise.

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