Welcome to our new blog. We’re a group of guys (two Red Sox fans, a Mets fan and a Phillies fan) who have been in fantasy baseball leagues together for the past fifteen years and decided to start sharing our (brilliant) thoughts. In this blog you’ll find advice, news and analysis on everything fantasy baseball.  This blog is really for everyone – those fantasy baseball beginners who just started out and need help, those who have been in fantasy baseball but don’t follow it every day and even the hardcore fantasy guys who are looking for a good discussion. Whoever you are, we hope you enjoy…



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2 responses to “Welcome!

  1. NJ sux

    Good work with the site gentlemen. Looking fwd to reading more…

  2. ADVISORS,im new to this site,veru interesting.
    i got a question,im in a acc stats lesague so very innings counts,the week runs mon to sun,,,,
    your pitcher pitches three innings on tuesday,hes out,day to day,but what do you do ,to not miss a start..please advise,thanks larry

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