Can Posada catch?

By nichols33

The Yankees could have a major dilemma on their hands. Jorge Posada, who is coming off of shoulder surgery, had a set-back in his rehab and will have to shut it down for a few days. Posada hit a homerun in his first at-bat of the spring which certainly raised some eyebrows in the fantasy and baseball world. The rumor is the Yankees are not concerned with Posada’s bat this year but they are concerned on his defense and whether he can throw would-be base stealers out at an acceptable rate.

FANTASY BASEBALL ADVICE: This could have a huge impact on a number of fantasy players. The Yankees have 5 players for 4 spots in the OF/DH (H. Matsui, Damon, M. Cabrera, Swisher & Nady). If Posada cannot play catcher he will most certainly see the majority of time at DH leaving the other 5 guys to fight for the 3 spots in the OF.

For leagues where position eligibility is established based on last year’s games played by position, Posada will still be a catcher and as long as he gets his at-bats he will be useful to a fantasy team as a starting catcher. But for leagues that base their position eligibility on this year’s games played, Posada may not be eligible for catcher until a good portion of the season is already over.

The Yankees will play Damon if he is healthy. I’d be very cautious to draft Matsui in even the deepest of leagues and I’ve already moved Nady, Swisher and M. Cabrera down a few notches on my lists.



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2 responses to “Can Posada catch?

  1. tallkid1

    Posada’s clearly on the decline but if he’s not eligible to be catcher in your league it just makes catcher that much harder a position to fill. If you don’t get Mauer, Martin, Soto or V-Mart you better hope one of the other guys like Doumit, Suzuki or Iannetta step up.

  2. notebookguy

    I won’t be going anywhere near Jorge Posada this year. A 37 year old catcher coming off major shoulder surgery… ah, no thanks. Even if he does DH the years of abuse his body has taken, on top of the shoulder surgery, will be too much for him. His years of being a productive player are behind him. Let someone else take a flyer on the name too early, don’t let that sucker be you.
    The entire Yankee OF, outside of Johnny Damon, should be completely avoided as well. The CF’s, Gardner and Melky, just can’t play, the Yanks need them to play because they need some semblance of defense in the OF, but both have almost zero fantasy value. The RF/DH situation has some talent but with Nady, Swisher, Matsui, and Posada vying for time at those positions(I know Posada won’t play RF but he’s in the DH mix), AB’s will be sporadic for all. There is no way this situation will be resolved by your draft so I strongly suggest staying away. Once the season starts it should become clearer who will be getting the time, maybe one will get off to a hot start and separate himself from the pack but don’t waste a pick hoping you get that guy.

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